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Wines of South Africa Wines of South Africa Wines of South Africa Wines of South Africa

D/R began working with Wines of South Africa in
January 2010.

The Great South African Wine Show

On May 11, 2010, we produced the largest and best attended show ever held in the US for South Africa. There were over 130 wineries present, which attracted over 400 press and trade, and 300 consumers. There were 4 seminars given, 3 for trade, and 1 for consumers. It received good coverage in print and online press.

World Cup Wine Nights

To coordinate with South Africa's hosting of the 2010 World Cup, the first time it took place in Africa, we coordinated a series of six wine tasting events at different restaurants and sports bars. These were highly promoted, and attracted a large number of consumers, who were given discounts on wines poured, as well as free logoed wearables.

Ad Campaign

We created a multi-pronged ad campaign with a major online epicurean site, which involved social media, advertorial, editorial, and a sweepstakes (round trip for 2 to Cape Town). The sweepstakes was one of the site’s most successful; they received over 1,000 responses.

Social Media

In addition to creating the US Facebook page, we tap into several different social media platforms, creating videos for websites and blogs, and use Twitter.